Mampara Dance: Dance, Fitness, Cheerleading

Jazz Dance, Street Dance, Dance Fitness, Ballet, Pointe Ballet classes in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire and online.

Why Exercise with us?

Introducing sister companies Mampara Dance (dance) and Active Body Collective (fitness).

Mampara Dance - London's Student Performance Company and Educational Academy: Take Your Spotlight! Mampara Dance Company was set up to give amateur dancers of all ages the chance to perform and experience the thrilling feeling of appearing on a professional stage for real audiences.

We have taken our studen
... ts to perform in theatres, on television and at National sports events. In an age of limited in person opportunity, our base at LAMDA in the old Royal Ballet School studios, has ensured our continuing ability to offer performance opportunities at their Sainsbury Theatre, together with in person classes that are also all live streamed through zoom for those unable to be in the studio with us. And for those dancers who are happiest out of the spotlight, classes are warm and welcoming and pressure free. There's a place for everyone on show day and if you don't want to be on stage you can run the show back stage!

Active Body Collective: Active Body Collective, is a collective of independent providers from different areas of the fitness world, working together to support each other's clients and each other, both online and in studio. ABC offers an absolute fitness and wellness experience with a balanced programme of classes from independent specialists, sincerely committed to creating a personalised experience for every client.

We believe in a balanced programme of classes - rather than single track training - for a balanced healthy body. Our timetable combines power fitness and cardio, strength and stability training and restorative wellness - from yoga to dance - so that your exercise experience with us helps you workout, express & rebalance. As independent fitness professionals working together to better support each other's clients - and each other - we care personally about each and every one of our students. So when you join ABC you get access to all our separate expertise pulled together into one comprehensive membership that offers you a personal and caring fitness experience.
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Insured By: Insure4sport
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